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Flyer & Unaddressed Mail Distribution

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Flyer Distribution

Do you have an upcoming sale, promotion or product launch that is critical and / or time sensitive?

Effectively target commercial, retail, industrial and residential markets, without duplication, in all the markets we serve.

For only a few cents per piece, you can have your message delivered directly to your customers door. Make sure your customer gets the message.

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Doorhanger Distribution

Doorhangers can come in many different forms such as printed cards, loot bags, or sample bags. These all have great advertising potential! In addition to being the first piece of advertising a consumer sees upon arriving home, they allow the advertiser to target a specific audience. They are perfect for announcing a new business or special promotion in your area.

Some common printed door hanger sizes include 4.25" x 11" and 3.5" x 8.5", but other sizes can be created as well. Typically, 110# or heavier coated card stock is used. Our in-house graphic design department can help you produce custom door hanger cards to fit your needs.

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Product Sample and Bag Distribution

Once your product is packaged, it needs to get to the consumers door. Attract new customers with highly visible sample bags, placed directly at the consumers door, or hung on the door or mailbox.

Sample bags can also be manually assembled using our Pick & Pack service when automated options are not possible, or are too expensive.

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Newspaper & Catalogue Distribution

Including: virtually all types of Magazines, Brochures and Books (subject to our size specifications and restrictions). Newspapers are delivered to the consumers door in a sealed polybag, the AdMill Bag, where they are kept clean and protected from the elements. Depending on what our clients request, catalogues may be inserted along with newspapers, or they can be placed directly in the consumers mailbox with no bag.

Weekly Shared Mail Package
Major Market Distribution Footprint

Last updated May, 2024.

Complete Layout, Print and Distribution Solutions

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ValueAd & AdMill plus

Capitalizing on the concept of grouping multiple flyers together to form one print run, clients can get their printing done at a fraction of the cost of an individual print run.

Contact an AdMill sales representative to get more information and details on how you can participate.

Distribution Features

Distribution Targeting

We deliver your message to homes in targeted or defined-zoned areas, offering you the potential to reach your selected target to build awareness and stimulate customers to buy, with little waste or duplication.

Distribution can be targeted by:

  • Full FSA (Forward Sortation Area)
  • Canada Post Letter Carrier Walks (LC)
  • AdMill Zones (Specialty Delivery only)
  • Demographics (Age, Income, Gender, Home Ownership)
  • Census Tracts (CT)
  • Dissemination Areas (DA)
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