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Privacy and Legal Statement

Last Updated: January 5, 2013 The AdMill Group is committed to protecting each site visitors privacy. This Privacy Statement applies to data collection and usage for distribution services; it does not apply to other online or offline affiliated sites, products or services. Please read The AdMill Group Privacy Statement below and also any supplementary information at the end of this statement for additional details about particular AdMill Group sites and services that you may use.

The AdMill Group is a flyer distribution web site, intended for customers, prospective and current clients, and other flyer distribution associates. Registration is not required to enter our site.

We are commited to resolving disputes or conflicts regarding our services.

Questions regarding The AdMill Group Web Site Privacy Statement should be directed by email to Arthur Winiarczyk, using our contact form. You may also write to: Attn: Arthur Winiarczyk - President, The AdMill Group, 635 Hood Road, Markham, Ontario, L3R 4N6, Canada, Fax 905-415-1902.

If you receive advertising with The AdMill Group brand or logo, you are one of our valued customers. We distribute our clients advertisements to your area. The AdMill Group receives and utilizes customer information from our clients and customers for our distribution methods to maintain thorough service and to update our website. The AdMill Group shares this information with our clients and associates only.

The AdMill Group does not share any of our client information or transactional information or data with any person or entity. Information filled out in our form is only gathered to contact the user about our services and information regarding our site. Any additional information that is provided will enable us to provide a more personalized experience when visiting our site.


No personal information is collected simply because you view or use any of The Web Sites. If we change The AdMill Group Web Site Privacy Statement in the future, we will post the changes here before they go into effect.

FSA Apartment and House Counts last updated March, 2015.


The Web Sites ARE SUBJECT TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS NOTICE. BECAUSE USING ANY OF The Web Sites CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY. Terms defined in the The AdMill Group Web Site Privacy Statement shall have the same meaning when used here.


Copyright laws may protect certain information, artwork, text, video, audio and pictures on The Web Sites (collectively, "Content"). All text and images contained herein are owned by and are copyright © 2013 The AdMill Group. Content can be accessed only for personal or educational purposes, and may not be used for any other purpose, or modified without expressed written consent from The AdMill Group. No Content of The AdMill Group website may be copied, reproduced, republished, posted, transmitted or distributed and is prohibited. Content on the Site can be printed for personal or educational purposes only, and any copyright notice originally included with such Content must appear on all copies.


You agree not to use any of The AdMill Group Web Sites to conduct any business or activity or solicit the performance of any activity, which is prohibited by law, or any contractual provision by which you are bound, unless by consent of the AdMill Group or under contractual agreement. You agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in connection with The AdMill Group.


You agree that you will not interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of The AdMill Group Web Site.


You agree to be bound by and comply with The AdMill Group Web Site Privacy Statement as made available through any of The Web Sites.


1. The company 1327721 Ontario Inc., operating as The AdMill Group is hereinafter referred to as the "Distributor".

2. The present contract is only valid when (a) an authorized representative of the Sales Department has approved it and signed it, and (b) the customer has an account in good standing with the Distributor.

3. The Distributor cannot guarantee the distribution of material which is not delivered to the Distributor on the days, at the times and places specified in the contract.

4. The responsibility of the Distributor for losses resulting from errors, omissions, failure to honour the contract or criminal negligence can in no case exceed the value of the distribution cost of the material only which is the object of such errors, omissions, failure to honour the contract or criminal negligence. The Distributor cannot be held responsible for a Customer's loss of revenues or profits.

5. All late distribution or non-distribution of Customer's material resulting from circumstances beyond the Distributor's control, such as, and without limiting the general interpretation of the preceding clauses, acts of God, inclement weather, unsafe delivery conditions, requested stop delivery by occupant(s), fire, flood, riot, strike, lockout, terrorist acts, warfare, fortuitous events and acts by civil authorities, will not entail responsibility on the part of the Distributor for the Customer's losses arising directly or indirectly from such late distribution or non-distribution.

6. The Distributor is not responsible for redemption or response rates of any material.

7. The Distributor makes every reasonable effort to accurately estimate the number of households and apartments. The Customer recognizes that the Distributor's source data is under constant revision and that no warranty is made by the Distributor nor is it a condition or term of this agreement that a specific or exact number of households and apartments will be reached within any designated area. Some changes may occur either in counts or deletion of smaller centres from distribution lists due to changes within the Distributor's system. Although the Distributor will make every reasonable effort to follow its normal distribution procedures, the Distributor shall not be responsible for omitting or failing to deliver material to any household or apartment for any reason.

8. The Customer acknowledges that the total price stated in the present contract is calculated in accordance with the conditions specified in the contract and that the rate could be modified by the Distributor should the Customer require changes in technical specifications in the contract. In addition and without limiting the general interpretation of the preceding clauses, if the Customer requests additional services and the Distributor guarantees to provide them, the Customer agrees to pay the Distributor all charges for such additional services.

9. The Customer agrees to pay the Distributor the total amount of charges incurred by the Distributor and billed to the Customer as a result of:

a) Errors in the quantities of material sent to the Distributor.
b) Material not having been folded in accordance with the usual requirements or standards.
c) Irregular tying or fastening of material, or failure to tie or fasten material.
d) Any other irregularity in the Customer's material which is beyond the control of the Distributor.

10. All materials supplied by the Customer are received, stored, transported and otherwise dealt with solely at the the Customer's risk. The Distributor will take reasonable precautions to safeguard the Customer's materials, but the Distributor shall not be responsible for any loss, damage to, or destruction of such materials from any cause whatsoever other than gross negligence of the Distributor's personnel and contractors. In the event of loss, damage, destruction occasioned by the gross negligence of the Distributor's personnel and contractors, the Distributor agrees to reimburse the Customer, but the Distributor's liability shall not exceed the cost of material so lost, damaged or destroyed. The Customer recognizes that distribution involves loss due to spoilage and agrees to furnish the Distributor with sufficient material to cover such losses. The Distributor shall make every reasonable effort to prevent undue spoilage but shall have no liability for spoilage or shortages of material resulting from spoilage. After completion of distribution, the Distributor will notify the Customer of any surplus material in the Distributor's possession. Surplus material will be held without charge for 14 days from notification, after which it will be destroyed. The Customer will be charged for the cost of returning of any unused material.

11. The Customer declares and guarantees that the content of the material for distribution does not violate any current applicable laws. The Customer will be held responsible for any losses or damages suffered by the Distributor following the distribution of any Customer's material who's content violates such laws.

12. Any complaint that has not been received by the Distributor in written form (hand written, fax or E-mail), within 72 hours of the end of the distribution is deemed not legitimate. The Distribution is deemed finished on the date following the start date designated by the Distribution Mode selected. The Customer recognizes that the mere assumption by the Customer or someone else of missed doors does not constitute a breach by the Distributor, but rather it is possible that the material went unnoticed and it is not reasonable to assume that it was not well distributed. Any complaint of one or several doors missed in such circumstances is deemed not legitimate. The Customer recognizes that in case of a conflict between its own verification and the Distributor's own Trackem verification system, Trackem's audits will prevail. The Customer furthermore recognizes that sales fluctuations are not linked to the Distributor's distribution of material, and that the Distributor cannot be held responsible for revenue shortfalls, if any.

13. The present contract only becomes valid after it has been approved by a duly authorized employee of the Distributor.

14. For any verbal agreement to be recognized as binding, it must be subsequently added to this contract and the addition(s) signed by an authorized employee of the Distributor.

15. Any unpaid balance arising from the present contract is payable within ten (10) days following receipt of the invoice. Interest charges will be calculated at a compounded rate of 2% monthly (26.82% annually).

16. The present contract is governed by, and is to be interpreted according to, the laws of the Province of Ontario.

17. Unless otherwise stated, payment terms are due on signing of this agreement and /or receipt of material at the Distributor's warehouse.