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Flyer & Unaddressed Mail Distribution

Targeted! Where you want, when you want!
Flyers, Newspapers, Magazines, Doorhangers and Product Samples & Bags and more.

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Bindery & Packaging

Automated, high-volume production!
Specialized flyer processing services including wrapping, stitching, folding, cutting, drilling, tipping and more.

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Marketing Research & Analysis

Target your market, market your target!
Find and engage new customers using customized demographics data based on your specific needs.

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Wrap it up!
We provide cost-effective polyethylene and polypropylene bagging solutions, produced in-house!

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All-in-one solutions.

Our ValueAd and AdMill Plus programs offer an affordable option for clients to design, print and distribute, flyers in quantities ranging from 10,000 to 500,000.

Utilizing our partnership with Canada Post, we are able to offer very competitive rates for Apartment and Condominium delivery within the GTA and surrounding areas. Custom geographic, demographic and specialized targeting is also available.

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admill plus and admill bag sample


Your flyer is delivered by Canada Post as part of our AdMill bag, reaching over 1.3 million households within the Greater Toronto Area!

Rates as low as 6 cents per peice!

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AdMill Plus

Your flyer is delivered as a stand-alone piece, direct to the mailbox through Canada Post!

Reach any House, Apartment, Condominium or Business, Nationwide!

Contact one of our Account Managers for up to date rates for your area!

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Versatile delivery options.

AdMill Bag

Our commitment to providing innovative flyer distribution solutions has led to the development of the AdMill Bag.

Our clear, sealed, poly-wrapped bag provides unsurpassed distribution service to houses and apartments in the GTA market at very competitive delivery rates, successfully utilizing Canada Post for Houses, Condominiums and Apartments.

Specialty Delivery, Including Door Hangers, Samples and Magazines

An attractive alternative to traditional flyers! You can usually expect the best exposure for your business on this piece of advertising, as a potential client would usually remove it and read it before going inside their home.

Weekly AdMill Shared Mail Package
Major Market Distrubtion Footprint

Last updated May, 2024.

Some of our valued clients.

When reliability counts, the most successful retailers depend on AdMill Group.

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